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15kv rubber line hoseU-bangi
5kv rubber line hose: Gut
A.R.Automatic Recloser
Adjustable wrenchKnuckle buster
Aerial cable spacer: Crow
Aerial deviceAerial bucket, lift, bucket truck, cherry picker, lift platforms
AliveWire that is energized
Alley ArmA side arm brace, used when cross-arm is not balanced on both sides of pole but extending out on one side only
AlligatorTie Stick
Angle-iron punchGoathead
ApprenticeClum Some, mud flap, grunt, squeak
ArmslingChicken Catcher
Auxiliary ArmLayout arms, hot arm
Baker BoardPlatform Board
Baloney BenderA wireman who works with heavy Cable
BanjoShovel, straight blade and long handle
Bear GreaseZ.L.N. electric contact aid
BeckyCable Sling
BellSuspension or dead end insulators
Bell WrenchWrench for tightening various square head bolts
BibleElectrician's code book
BicycleChain Drill for boring holes
Boatswain's ChairA small wooden seat supported by four ropes secured to a ring or tied at a common point above the workman's head
Bolt cutterPie knife
Breaking clearance: Minimum approach limit
Bucket TruckCherry Picker
Bull wheelButterfly
C.L.F.Current Limiting Fuse
C.S.P.Completely Self-Protected transformer
C.S.T.Customer Subsurface Transformer
C.T.Current Transformer, transfers current from on value to another
Cable gripWidow
Cable in conduitTube
Cable SlingBecky
Cant HookGut wrench
Canvas tool pouchNose bag
Capstan hoistCat head
Card  Tag
Cat headCapstan hoist
Cattle GuardPlastic of Metal Guy Guard
Chain DrillBicycle
Chain HoistCoffin hoist, gut wrench
Channel Lock PliersCheaters
CheatersChannel Lock Pliers
Cherry PickerBucket Truck
Chicken CatcherArmsling
Chicken TracksEpoxirod tri-unit
Chicken WingSteel post insulator standoff for distribution construction
Chili BowlOversized pintype insulator
ChokerNylon Sling
Christmas TreePole mounted auxiliary arm used for lifting conductors
Clamping inClipping in, tying in
ClimbersHooks for climbing poles, leg irons
Clum SomeApprentice
Coffin HoistChain Hoist
ColdDe-Energized line
Come-a-longWire grip for holding conductor or strand under tension
Coming Up EasyPick up load or increase tension
Completely Self-Protected transformerC.S.P.
Compression fittingSqueeze on
Conductor coverLine gut
Corn CobThimble adapter pin
Cotter key puller: Mickey Mouse key puller
Cover upsPig
Crosby ClipWire rope guy wire clip
CrowAerial cable spacer
Crows FeetEpoxirod Tri-Unit
Current Transformer: C.T.
Customer Subsurface Transformer: C.S.T.
DeadmanWood pole with u-bracket fitting for setting poles by hand without a truck; Short wood pole section, buried as an anchor; Any kind of earth anchor
De-Energized lineCold
DiaperRubber blanket pinned on overhead construction
Dig PoleA transition pole for going from overhead to underground distribution
Digger/Derrickline truck digger, radial boom derrick
Digging BarLong, round steel bar with 2-in. chisel on one end
Digging bar and spoonPen and pencil set
DillibobExtension link
Dip poleTransition pole going from overhead to underground distribution
Disconnect stickSwitch Stick
Diving BoardPlatform board
DOCODropout Cutout; open type cut out
Dog BoneSpecial EHV yoke plates; vibration damper
DoorFuse tube on open type cutouts
Double Arming BoltD.A. Bolt
Drive and screw hookJ Hook
E.H.V.Extra High Voltage
E.P.D.M.Rubber material used in underground elbow and other connectors (Ethylene Propylene Diene Modified)
Eagle EyeLeveling cross arms by sight with no measuring instruments
EelsLine hose, temporary cover up
Egg BreakerGuy Strain Insulator
Egg SuckerGrip-All, hot line tool
ElbowUnderground cable terminator
Elbow terminatorPistol
Electrician that works insideNarrow back, wire twister
Electrician's Code BookBible
Elephant EarHigh strength strain insulator
Epoxirod Tri-UnitChicken Tracks, crows feet
EqualizersPair of connectors of club when used in a fight
Extension armHot arm
Extension linkDillibob
Extra High VoltageE.H.V.
EyeballVisual determination without the use of instruments
Finger-Line1/4" line
Fish Glass strain insulator
Fixed prong tie stickPotato hook
Flip-cutoutOpen link cutout
Floating deadendsOpeners, live line openers, slug, poor boy
Flower PotUniversal bushing well, padmount transformer
Fork suspension attachmentPizza plate
Four and a QuarterPorcelain dead end insulator
Fuse chamberDoor, cartridge, fuse tube, gate
Fuzz BoxNoisy tester
GateOpen type cutout's fusetube
GinTemporary lifting device
GlowlightJiggler, wiggle, secondary voltage tester
GoatheadAngle-iron punch
GoathornsGuy hooks, iron
Goat-skinTarp for covering unfinished work for the night
GoulashInsulating compound
Grip-All, hotline toolEgg Sucker
Ground rod clampPeanut, acorn
GroundhogLineman's Helper
GruntLineman's Helper
Gut5kv rubber line hose
Gut WrenchCant hook
Guy Guard Cattle Guard
Guy hooksGoathorns
Guy JackChain hoist
Guy Strain InsulatorEgg breaker, Johnny-ball
Half-powerLineman working off a jag
Hammer:  Bender
HandTie Stick
Hand line hookMeat hook
Hard hatLid
Hard HeadLag screw
Hard lineSteel bull line for pulling in wires
HeadacheVocal warning of danger; something that falls from pole
Heavy hammerSingle jack
Hog liverflat porcelain guy strain insulator
Hog wagonTemporary transformer
HoodInsulator cover
Hook stick disconnectKnife switch
HooksClimbers, used to climb poles
HookstickInsulated disconnect stick
Horizontal post insulatorsJugs
Horse collarPreform thimble
HoseRubber or plastic cover up equipment
Hot:   A live or energized line
Hot armExtension arm
Hot line clampTap clamp
Hot line tool rackMusic stand
Hot linkBall and socket link or other extension links
House bracketSecondary rack
House knobWire holder
Idiot StickLong, round steel bar with 2-in. chisel on one end
Instant foundationStreetlight foundation
Insulated disconnect stickHookstick
Insulated jumper clampsMack clamps, red head jumper
Insulating compoundGoulash
Insulating line hoseReptile, snake
Insulator coverHood
Insulators, Suspension or Dead EndBell
J HookDrive and screw hook
Jack Straps2 in. blocks for pulling up small wire secondary
Jacobs ladderPortable rope ladder
Jiffy deadendNon-compression deadend for copper
JigglerGlowlight, secondary voltage tester
Johnny-ballGuy Strain Insulator
JugsHorizontal post insulators
JumperSlack electrical connection between two points
Jumper holding stickWire holding stick
KettleOverhead transformer
Knife switchHook stick disconnect
Knuckle busterAdjustable wrench
Lady slippersHow old-timers refer to present day climbers
Lag screwHard Head
Lead headNail, pin with threaded lead top for porcelain insulators
Leg ironsClimbers, hooks
LidHard hat
Line gutConductor cover
Line hoseEels
Line profileScaled, side view drawing of actual line for engineer's review
Link stickTag-out
Live or energized lineHot
Lobster clawAdjustable insulator fork
Luff blocks:  Small set of rope blocks
MacMechanical load pick up jumper
Machine boltThru bolt
Mack clampsInsulated jumper clamps
Meat hook:  Hand line hook
Mickey Mouse key pullerCotter key puller
Milking stoolYoke used on the end of a structure for supporting hot line tension tools
Minimum approach limitBreaking clearance
MolesUnderground line crew
Movable grounding deviceTraveling chain
Music standHot line tool rack
Narrow backElectrician that works inside
NitrosStreet light bulbs
Noisy TesterFuzz Box
Nose bagCanvas tool pouch
Nylon StringChoker
O.C.B.Oil Circuit Breaker
Old Man"A" frame transformer gin
Open link cutoutFlip-cutout
Open type cutout's fusetube: Gate
Overhead transformerKettle
P.T.O.Power Take Off
Padmount TransformerFlower Pot
Pen and pencil setDigging bar and spoon
PhaseSingle conductor
Pickle fork2 of 3 prong tie stick
PicklesWire connectors
Pie knifeBolt cutter
PigCover ups
Pig liversSpecial yokes used on EHV lines or dead ends
Pig-tailSpiral disconnect or spiral link stick
PineappleSpool insulator
Pintype Insulator, OversizedChili Bowl
PistolElbow terminator
Pizza plateFork suspension attachment
Plastic protective coverTupperware, tacos
Platform BoardBaker Board
Platform BoardDiving board
Pogo stickTelescoping tools
Pole BuddyTemporary lifting device
Pole crabWire tong saddle
Pole reinforcerPole stub
Pole stubPole reinforcer
Pole type transformerTub
Porcelain dead end insulatorFour and a Quarter
Pork chopCome-a-long or wire grip for holding conductor or strand under tension
Portable rope ladderJacobs ladder
Potato hookFixed prong tie stick
PotheadPoint where separate or overhead electrical conductors come together and continue as cable; termination device used on end of an underground cable
PouchTool bag
Power Take OffP.T.O.
Preform thimbleHorse collar
Primary stepDown transformer
Pull ropeStringing rope
RakeTie Stick
Red head jumperInsulated jumper clamps
Red oneExtremely short distance
ReptileInsulating line hose
Rest breakSkippy
Ridge pinPole top pin
Riser poleTransition pole going from overhead to underground distribution
Rope blockSheaves
Rough neckTrouble chaser
Secondary rackHouse bracket
Secondary voltage testerJiggler
Service dropConductor between pole and terminal on a building
Sharp shooterShovel with long narrow blade for digging holes in ground
SheavesRope block
Shield wireStatic wire, ground wire
Shoe-flyTemporary line built to by-pass a construction area
Short Hook-upCord and clips for electric drill
Shot gun stickGrip-All, hot line tool
Shovel, cup shaped with long handleSpoon
Shovel, straight blade and long handleBanjo
Single conductorPhase
Single jackHeavy hammer
Sister eye:  Eyebolt or anchor rod eye for guy strand or insulator.
SkippyRest break
SkywireGround wire on top of poles and towers to protect lines from lightning
Slip stickGrip-All, hot line tool
SlugSolid blade on open type cutouts
SnakeInsulating line hose
Solid blade switchsolid fuse
Spiking cableSpearing cable
Spool boltUpset bolt used to support spool insulators
Spool insulatorPineapple
SpoonShovel; cup shaped with long handle
Squeeze on:  Compression fitting
Squeeze wrenchHand compression or cutting wrenches
Squirrel cageSteel bracket mounted on a pole to support line conductors
StakingTo survey and mark location for each new line pole
StingerWire from cutout to transformer
StrandMessenger cable
Street light bulbsNitros
Streetlight foundation:    Instant foundation
Strong armChain or strap hoist for pulling wire
Switch StickDisconnect stick
TacosPlastic protective cover
Tag lineRope used to tie off line or to control load being lifted
Tag-outLink stick
Tap clampHot line clamp
Telescoping toolsPogo Sticks
Temporary lifting deviceGin or Pole Buddy
Temporary transformerHog wagon
Thimble adapter pinCorn Cob
Three phase set3 shovels (spoon, spade and shovel)
Thru boltMachine bolt
ThumperUnderground fault locator
Tie StickAlligator, hand, rake
Toilet seatInsulator retainer for trolley pole
TongsUsed to control pole when setting
Tool bag:  Pouch
Transformer bank2 or 3 transformers at same location connected to the same circuit
Transformer gin ("A" frame)Old man
Traveling chainMovable grounding device
Traveling chairFabricated aluminum two wheel trolley with an attached chain
Traveling ladderWooden ladder with fiber rollers generally used when work or inspection has to be done on transmission hardware or conductor
Triple drum pullerWaterfall
Trouble chaserRough neck
TubPole type transformer
TubeCable in conduit
TupperwarePlastic protective cover
Turkey wingSteel post insulator standoff for distribution construction
Two poundLineman's hammer
U.R.D.Underground Residential Distribution
U-bangi15kv rubber line hose
Underground cable terminatorElbow
Underground fault locatorThumper
Underground line crewMoles
Underground Residential Distribution:  U.R.D.
Universal bushing wellFlower Pot
Upset boltSpool bolt
VaultManhole, chamber, maintenance hole
Walking crabLever lift
WaterfallTriple drum puller
WeatherheadTop of the conduit that contains the customer service conductors, constructed so it will resist the action of rain, sun etc.
WidowCable grip
WiggleGlowlight, secondary voltage tester
Wiggle wireFormed wire used for securing conductors to insulators
Wildcat connection3 phase 4 wire delta
Window poleDisconnect stick
Wire bender cutoutOpen link cutout
Wire connectorsPickles
Wire holderHouse knob
Wire rope guy wire clipCrosby Clip
Wire tong saddlePole crab
Wire twisterInside electrician
Wrench, to tighten square head boltsBell Wrench
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